Antoinette Woodman

It is indeed heartwarming to know that there are so many good and kind people in the world to take care of those who are not as privileged as us.

The Rwanda Heart Project

Dr. Mitzi Mitchell

Louise & Rick Smith

Very proud to support our grandson Michael Smith & his team!

Men’s and Women’s Swimming Fund

Gordon T Stirrett & Associates

Paul Langlois

A great project hats off to the project participants who are donating their time and expertise.

The Rwanda Heart Project

Greg and Danielle Burkett

Sophie Latente

This project and initiative is wonderful! As a friend to Dr. Keir Stewart and his family, I am happy to contribute to this cause that will help save lives and educate others.

The Rwanda Heart Project

Jessica Worring

My grandpa has suffered from heart problems ever since he was a child. I am to donate to a cause that will help people receive surgeries and help hearts beating again.

The Rwanda Heart Project

Nadine Woon

While everyone’s attention has been obviously focused on the pandemic, it is essential to take notice of health systems that are already fragile. I am pleased to support this wonderful lifesaving project.

The Rwanda Heart Project

Geoff Waddington

We can't make a better past, but we can make a better future.

Step Up for Students on Giving Tuesday

Ann Jardine

Lesli, I'm so happy that you are going on this life saving and life changing mission. Stay safe.. Hugs Ann

The Rwanda Heart Project