The Student Food Security Fund


Food security is a concern for many post-secondary students. In fact, research shows that 40 per cent of students are struggling. After bills are paid, there is often little money left for nutritious food. These students will often turn to cheap, unhealthy food and must cope with the physical and mental effects of hunger, taking away from their focus in the classroom.

On-campus food security programs – such as the Dalhousie Student Union Food Bank and the Loaded Ladle – are working to solve this problem, along with Feed Nova Scotia, who is the main provider of food for the DSU Food Bank. Unfortunately, with the growing number of students accessing these on-campus programs, resources are limited.


With your gift to The Student Food Security Program, you can help increase resources for these on-campus programs. You’ll help us stock the shelves of the Food Bank and provide food to more students visiting the Loaded Ladle, ensuring they have access to healthy food when they need it most. Your support will have an incredible impact, helping to fuel their focus and success in the classroom.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Laura Hills

Tommy Chung

Francois Guinard

It is hard to learn on an empty stomach.

David Archibald

Shelley Caines

Alex Speed

Nobody should have to focus on hunger when they are trying to focus on their studies.

Wendy Knight

Best of luck in your studies and future careers!

Michael MacKinnon

A student Food Bank is an excellent idea.

Fannie Nathanson

rosemary Neu

I was shocked to learn of the degree of food insecurity among Dal students

Noubar Yemenidjian

Ron Campbell

Mark Lewis

Louise Spiteri

Peter Ping-Kuen Chow

Hardship is a blessing to youngsters, a source of motivation.

Aaron Wright

Faculty have to take action against hunger on campus

Kimberly McDonald Winsor

Mike Hinch

Kevin MacDonell

Evan Hallward